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Food Lifestyle Consulting QFZ LLC is an international Company based in Qatar (Business & Innovation Park – Free Zone), specialized in Research and Development and Food Innovation.    The First Company working as Food System Integrator for Food Retail Formats and Hospitality sector.

The company, operates in the New Food Product field and Food Format Chain sector with an approach and methodology based on Design and in particular Food Design, an area in which the founder Paolo Barichella is a pioneer and major exponent since 2002.
The working method is based on the development of Food Systems and Solutions based on the very close interaction between Products, Equipment, and Procedures.

Food Lifestyle develops and supply innovative solutions and systems that allow entrepreneurs operating in the Foodservice Ho.Re.Ca. to reduce investments, drastically cut costs and operating expenses, while simultaneously increasing the profit margin and the Guest Experience.

Among the strategic assets there are some patents including the Coolella System ice cream in Pods and the Smart Kitchen solution, a new restaurant and kitchen model based on 4.0 technologies, the real engine of some proprietary formats among which Food Design Store.

The advisory activity allows to customize Food Format models for customers through a scientific method based on manuals, procedures and guidelines, to ensure replicability and scalability and at the same time excite the customer through the Food Experience.
The company has strategic investments in other companies, including Food Lifestyle Srl, InvestEat Srl, Affettami Srl Innovative Startup and Sensory Design Rete di Imprese.


Specialized Consulting & Advisory

• Creation of the Concept and design of the Food Format
Research and Development activities through Food Innovation approaches
• Development of Procedure Manuals necessary for the replicability of the Format: Concept Manual, Design, Visual Merchandising, Operational
Legal protection system of the Format: Industrial Property, Copyright, Patenting of systems
Food Design Consulting – our Food Designers study the customized solution to obtain the maximum performance and increase the profit margin
• New Concept and Business Design for food format retail manuals and tools for model reproducibility
• Creation of New Models, Systems and Food Products.


In questa sezione del sito è possibile approfondire e conoscere le soluzioni innovative di Food Lifestyle Srl per implementare food experience in ogni luogo

smartkitchen.design è una soluzione completa per gestire la ristorazione attraverso sistemi leggeri basati su strumentazione a basso investimento e ridottissimi costi di gestione ed esercizio – www.smartkitchen.design

manuali.cloud – Tutti i manuali di procedura in un cloud accessibile direttamente sullo smartphone dell’operatore tramite account protetto, attivabili appoggiando il device alla macchina a mezzo sistemi 4.0 NCF o inquadrando un semplice QR Code  –www.manuali.cloud

risto.tech – Il sistema RISTO’.TECH si basa su tecnologie 4.0 applicate al settore Ho.Re.Ca. Foodservice (abbinata Hardware/Software per supporto tecnologico in tavolo da ristorazione). Innovativa modalità di ricarica dello smartphone + possibilità di prenotare + possibilità di scegliere le referenze a menu, e acquistare e pagare direttamente tramite smartphone, tutto tramite un solo apparecchio inserito nel tavolo. – www.risto.tech


In questa sezione del sito è possibile approfondire e conoscere i Format di proprietà o in partecipazione di Food Lifestyle Srl

Food Design Cafe – La prima catena di locali al mondo dove conoscere il Food Design assaggiandolo – www.fooddesign.cafe


Leggende Italiane – Food, Design, Moda e Turismo in un unico spazio di Concept Show Room Marketplace, per spiegare perché il Made in Italy e l’Italian Lifestyle sono così ricercati e apprezzati nel mondo. – www.leggendeitaliane.com


Food Lifestyle Consulting QFZ LLC

Food Design, Concept & Strategic Design Consulting

Registered Office:
Business and Innovation Park
Office 62, Building 43, Street 517, Zone 49
Ras Bufontas Free Zone
DOHA – Qatar
Incorporated in Qatar Free Zone Authority under Registration No: FZA 483

www.foodlifestyle.qa | +974 6626 0988 | paolo@barichella.com

Food Lifestyle Srl – Innovative StartUp

Innovative Food System and Solution

Italian Subsidiary Registered Office:
Via Benedetto Marcello 38,
20124 MILANO (MI) – Italy
CF P.IVA 09900420960 | REA MI – 2120558 | Codice SID Fatt. elettronica: M5UXCR1

www.foodlifestyle.it  | +39 347 2303005 |  info@foodlifestyle.it

Sensory Design Rete di Imprese

Smart Solutions for Smart Entreprises

Registered Office:
Viale Monte Nero, 55
20135 MILANO (MI) – Italy

www.sensorydesign.tech | info@sensorydesign.tech

Affettami Srl – Innovative StartUp

Food Design HUB – Ultimo Tocco

Registered Office:
Via Po, 107
Via Cappuccina, 52
20851 LISSONE (MB) – Italy
www.hub.fooddesign.it | info@ffettami.it

InvestEat  Srl

Registered Office:
Via San Marco, 3
38122 TRENTO (TN) – Italy

Show Rooms

Suite La Rhea
Via Palermo, 14
20121 MILANO – Brera (MI)
Feel @Home
MIND – Milano Innovation District
Designtech, MIND Village Pavillion
Suite La Rhea
C-Space – Realstep La Forgiatura
Via Varesina, 158
20156 MILANO – Italy
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